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I can't get too excited by Skype pay phone solutions although I've been looking for more information on Internet Cafe use. There a challenge will be providing robust head or handset that stand up to the eighteen hours a day punishment. I think they sho... [Read More]


Skype is using private protocol. To connect to PSTN, it must convert it to public protocol like SIP. So you can feel big quality drop when using skypeout. There're planty of internet phone service provider on market which offer standard protocol (means you can buy a standard device and use for all those service provider) and with lower price. Like vbuzzer. When consider a telephone bar, skype is not a choice at all.

obtenir un payphone skype

Demand for purchasing skype payphone

Typekey and typepad I dont no.
I want for billind and pospaid and prepaid


That's a pretty good idea and it seems like it would be pretty easy to set up. I don't think it would work here in Japan though as most cell phones are too expensive to connect to.

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