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Don't do business with cbeyond. They experienced a catastrophic outage yesterday, still have not foxed the problems - meanwhile our firms clients cannot communicate with us. There tech support is clueless and non existent. They are a jumbled mess. Be weary ye potential investor.

David, did cbeyond ever resolve the problem? How long were you down and what did they say caused the outage?

Cbeyond has chosen to place no emphasis on the Cbeyond management interface (Cbeyond Online). Cbeyond Online is used to manage your account, including email, phone, vm, and all other Cbeyond services.

We have used Cbeyond for 4 years.

Cbeyond online is always sooooo slooooow it is painful to administer your account.
The Cbeyond Online server is often down and always slower than any other service I know of.

I can only believe this is the result of some bad management decision.

The email administration (setting up domains, setting up email accounts, and modifying accounts) is not only slow, but the server kicks you out on most operations. (Example: after updating a mail forward the system kicks you out.)

Bottom line is they have not funded the on-line management interface and this results in a terrible waste of time attempting to manage your account. If you pay the bills, you should assume a large cost here.

If I were the president I’d assume the worst, gut the team and start over. It would cost next to nothing to buy a few high-end web servers to problem solved.

This company could not provide any level of consistent phone service for 4 months. We submitted over 20 trouble tickets and out basic phone connectivity was never consistent.

Beware of CBeyond! Granted, they have nice people there, but their technology, or lack thereof, can destroy your business.

You can read more about my story at

I have had Cbeyond for several years and that are an incredible managed service provider. Their online account management tools are awesome, I'm not sure about slow times on the site as I have never had a problem. Their customer service is very timely and efficient. I would recommend this service to anyone.

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