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I was hoping I'd find a general way to contact you instead of being confined to a particular post, but here goes: I've been reading your blog for a couple days, and I'm wondering what you think about the future prospects of such companies as time warner telecom and the other telcos who are fighting to get in on business voip, with mixed success. My gut tells me that these companies will continue to see their margins dry up and they'll be left in the dust, and the more focused companies like alvarion will clean up. Thoughts?

If you are interested I have wrote an analysis of the Skype ecosystem at:

It is a different from the "ecosystem" you listed above... I have been collecting links to Skype "stuff" for the past couple of months and have noticed this evolution occur, with Skype phone vendors, skype community sites and Skype add-ons.

Louis Philip
Find any Skype phone, add-on or community at

I read this:

Vbuzzer is challenging the proprietary protocol many VoIP companies are using which has left users vulnerable to security holes, virus attack, memory leaks, abnormal port activities and paying for inferior quality...

To be honestly, I think skype claim that telephone service company should go out of there triditional business is just rediculious because skype's profit is still come from the telephone company's tridational services. It like transportation company wants to bury highway builder. What a joke!

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