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I can’t believe the pettiness and the dirtiness in the muni wireless world!

I was going to attend the MuniWireless conference in Dallas next week, but now I am not - because I wanted to explore possibilities for an app I am creating for muni wifi and to hear the full story about New Orleans. Particularly how Greg Meffert pushed out the first true muni wifi in the aftermath of Katrina.

However, some friends I have in Earthlink told me they have some sort of problem with Greg Meffert even though he brought them into New Orleans. So they used their sponsor role to force him off the agenda. I think that is terrible - Meffert really made the city better - not just the wifi but the city website too.

What I also heard happened was that Earthlink tried to give him money him to fix a commission vote in the French Quarter, and he told them he wouldn't do it. They are dirty.

I know he has been in the news lately, but as a citizen of New Orleans I am sorry he left his post in the Mayor's office - he was the only person with any sort of vision. I wanted to support him in Dallas, but now I won't be coming.

Seems I guess that even the new telcoms are just like the old ones, just bullies that want only their way and truth known, and attack anyone who dissents. I don't need to go all the way there to hear an Earthlink commercial instead of a real story.


Have you checked with Esme Vos from MuniWireless. Your inside story should definitely be of interest to her. Also, your comment is insightful for the San Francisco Muni WiFi project, which has stalled for a long time now, and the fault was basically given to the city of San Francisco - rather than Earthlink and Google.

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