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Is it new? I thought as long as you have a internet browser on your mobile phone, you can type to initiate a call back to your mobile phone. Essentially that's a call back function, or I misunderstand something?

The other day I've seen this website also having a test page that's similar to jajah,and it allows you to initiate calls from device with Windows Mobile. But the page isn't available now so I guess they still need more homeworks.

Ben, you're right, it's a callback function, however the beauty of the application is that it works just like the address book on your phone. The JaJah application, once you have started it, simply fishes the number you want to dial from the numbers you have stored in your phone, so you don't have to add any prefix. Very convenient, and quicker than the web-based process, too. Also, compared to the web-based process, there is no additional data traffice that you would have to pay for or that would eat from your data plan. I've tried JaJah Mobile, and it really amazes me how good it works.

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