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Hi ... i used to build cell towers ... worked for a privately owned company called Tower Sytems South ... i now am invested in stocks, one of which is Nettel Holdings {NTTL.OB} ... Voip Payment Services will change and revolutionize the way wholesale minutes are bought and sold, much in the way the internet changed the way stocks are now bought and sold online rather than manually going through a stock broker. ... In less than two year of operation, Advanced Voice Order Processing (AVOP) has signed up over 1,000 carriers and is becoming one of the largest wholesale providers of international long distance minutes. ... ... ... commissioned three additional Cisco as5800 servers for placement at a third collocation center for additional redundancy. .... ... *smile* ... ... ... something to think about

Yeah, but InPhonic's stocks doesn't look like it's going up. There was profit taking after earnings, but are they going up long term?

i think you have to get away from telecom stocks now.

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